Personal Co-Pilot Service

Has the economy got you not-so-current?  Planning to fly cross country to unfamiliar or busy areas?  Or, do you simply enjoy flying with another pilot?

Why not take your own personal co-pilot with you on your next flight?

Just imagine having peace of mind knowing that an experienced professional pilot is sitting right in your cockpit to assist you in performing the pilot-in-command duties.  Your trip will be far more enjoyable and safer.

Your Personal Co-Pilot can help you perform a wide range of tasks, such as flight planning, work load management and aeronautical decision making.  Not to mention being an extra set of eyes. 

So contact us today!

How does Personal Co-Pilot Service work?

One of the PilotInsights' experienced pilot will fly with you as an advisor to you, the pilot-in-command, to assist you in all phases of flight from pre-flight to post-flight.

I am a VFR only pilot planning a trip in uncertain weather. Can I have a Personal Co-Pilot come along with me in case I need him to fly IFR?

All flights with Personal Co-Pilot must be conducted within the privileges and limitations of your certificates and ratings, and your aircraft's limitations.  You must be appropriately current to operate your aircraft as a pilot-in-command on your entire trip.  At no time your Personal Co-Pilot can act as a pilot-in-command or a required crewmember.