Aviation Mishap Videos 2


This page contains recreations and analysis of aircraft incidents and accidents which may not be suitable for all audience.  

VFR into IMC

January 5, 2006, KBIL-U77: Beechcraft Debonair 

Imagine a noninstrument-rated pilot on a cross-country flight through mountainous terrain. Conditions are fine at first, but then ATC and flight service warn of nasty weather ahead. Confident he can make it, the pilot stubbornly pushes on. Soon, he’s flying at 100 feet agl surrounded by high terrain, and struggling to follow a highway through a blinding snowstorm. The Air Safety Institute’s Accident Case Study: VFR into IMC takes a gripping look at one pilot’s choices and the devastating results.

Stuck Above Clouds

December 10, 2011, -KELN: Mooney M20
Does the thought of a simultaneous engine failure and control system malfunction keep you awake at night? What about the chance of an electrical failure during an encounter with severe icing? The less paranoid among us generally think of emergencies as one-at-a-time events, but as pilot Jim Lawson discovered, bad things sometimes come in pairs. Imagine yourself as a noncurrent instrument pilot dealing with an unexpected IFR descent—then add the minor detail of a fuel-exhaustion-induced engine failure. How would you cope? Whom would you look to for help? Listen in as a team of ATC specialists mounts a heroic effort to get the overwhelmed pilot on the ground safely in the latest installment of the Air Safety Institute’s Real Pilot Stories series, produced with the generous support of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association and underwritten by the AOPA Insurance Agency.  Experience the flight.


September 28, 2010, KRVS-KRVS: Cessna C172RG
On a routine instructional flight, a Cessna C172RG's cockpit was filled with thick smoke on its way back to its home airport.  The student and instructor struggled to maintain the control of the aircraft but they successfully survived an emergency landing on an open field.  The aircraft burnt down completely quickly.

Cessna C172RG Cockpit Fire


KCGZ-KCMA: Beechcraft Baron
It was a nice VFR day—not a cloud in the sky—as the twin climbed out of the pattern at Casa Grande, AZ. The pilot was settling down on the last leg of a long cross-country flight from Bartow, Florida to Camarillo, California when he noticed the birds...

Beechcraft Baron - Bird Strike