Aviation Mishap Videos 1


This page contains recreations and analysis of aircraft incidents and accidents which may not be suitable for all audience.  

Hand Propping Mishaps

In this old FAA video, the pilot found out that the battery was dead so he decides to attempt hand propping.  Watch what happens what can happen in this old FAA educational video.

Hand Propping Mishap


"There are only those who have and those who will."  The trick is to stay in the those-who-will category as long as you can.  Do your GUMPS checks.  Every time!!

Gear-Up Landing


June 9, 2009, KSFA-KSFA: Augusta A-109 Helicopter
For most of us, the world of helicopter search and rescue is a far cry from everyday flying. We don’t go on missions. We don’t have to be ready to launch at a moment’s notice. No lives will be lost if we decide not to fly. But the fundamentals of aeronautical decision making remain the same, and even seasoned professional aviators can fall prey to common errors of judgment. In short, there are lessons for all pilots in the tragic 2009 crash of a New Mexico State Police helicopter in the mountains near Santa Fe.  Watch this AOPA Air Safety Institute's recreation of the accident.

Rescue Gone Wrong

January 30, 2009, K3CK-KRDU: Piper Seneca
Experience the chilling reality of an ill-fated VFR flight from Chicago to Raleigh, North Carolina. Cross-Country Crisis examines the pilot's actions as weather deteriorates and fuel becomes critical in this gripping video-recreation.

Piper Seneca - Get There-itis


Date unknown, YLW: Mitsubishi MU-2
Incredible ATC communications about an MU2 in severe icing trouble in mountainous area. Did they manage to limp home? See the last ten seconds of Vid!! Be sure to read the comments posted by the PIC as well.

Mitsubishi MU-2 Sever icing