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Thank you for visiting PilotInsights!  We are excited to join the general aviation community as a pilots' advocate for flight safety. 

Currently PilotInsights offers Free WINGS Safety Seminars in the Portland, OR area.  

by Flight Training Magazine


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94% of GA accidents happen on non-commercial flights while the airlines continue to enjoy near zero accident rates year after year.  So how do they do it?

Come to this FREE WINGS seminar, "How NOT to Ruin Your Weekend - 10 Secrets of Threat and Error Management", and hear a pilot of a major airline talk about his first hand knowledge on how it's done in his world. You may be surprised to learn that it is simpler and easier than you thought to fly like a pro.

Why Choose Us?

We are here simply because we love to fly and want to share our wealth of knowledge with you. 

PilotInsights brings you valuable insights drawn from our thousand of hours of real-world flying experience.  You will reap the benefits not easily matched by other FBOs or flight schools while having lots of fun knowing you are in good hands.

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